The Upgrade – av Doug De Vito, en av frontfigurerna inom det amerikanska ”The Reconnection” teamet

TheUpgrade Doug De Vito
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Product Description

The Upgrade is about to reveal three secrets that everyone needs to know.

The first secret is that a new bandwidth of energy, light, and information is available on the planet. When you connect to it, you can help heal others in miraculous ways. Everyone can learn how to tap into this frequency, as confirmed by years of research by some of the best scientific minds in the world. It’s real . . . and can effect incredibly positive changes.

The second secret is that when you engage this powerful force, you’ll discover ways to heal all living things. You’ll have the skills to not only help your family and friends, but also your pets, your plants, and even the earth!

And the third secret is the real kicker: When you use this bandwidth of healing for someone else’s benefit, you actually accelerate your own healing. In fact, thousands of men and women are enjoying remarkable transformations and enhanced levels of achievement as a result of this phenomenon. It’s as if the Universe has installed a built-in incentive system whereby you help yourself when you help others. Now that is intelligent design!

The world is dramatically shifting, so join teacher and scientist Doug De Vito as he reveals a profound shift in consciousness that is perfectly timed to open up your awareness and boost your capacity to heal. In the same way that your computer gets a system upgrade, consider this your own personal spiritual upgrade.

The day has finally arrived when we can all be healers . . . and masters of our own lives. Are you ready for an upgrade?


Sara Jansson

Reconnection-Certified Practitioner
International Instructor & Member of The Global Advisory Alliance GAA