Introduktion av Reconnective Yoga med Kelly Woodruff

Upptäck Reconnective Yoga


Här är en presentation på engelska som finns att läsa på Reconnective Yogas Facebook sida: 

”Reconnective Yoga introduces Reconnective Healing frequencies and the light and information of The Reconnection into the practice of yoga. This is a powerful and transformative vehicle for concentration, meditation and healing on all levels. The incorporation of the healing frequencies takes the practice, literally, to a quantum level of connection with Self and the Universal Mind. The frequencies can flow in a directed way to help heal the body, while the yogi flows through their practice. Often the intelligent frequencies ”turn on” without conscious intent, responding directly to the needs of the body. It is as if the intelligence of the body works with the intelligence of the universe to help heal the yogi while they are in practice.

What separates Reconnective Yoga from other forms of practice is its dramatically enhanced access to and use of energy, light and information. Plus, its instructors also become healing practitioners along the way. Through those instructors, and assisted by the intelligence of the universe, our yoga studios now truly become the new healing centers of today.

The benefits of repeated Reconnective Yoga practice are a stronger connection to higher self and a deeper, healing connection with Spirit. This profound level of healing yoga practice teaches awareness beyond the basic five senses to deepen and enhance the path to healing and evolution. In class, the yogi learns to feel the frequencies of Reconnective Healing and make them an integral part of their yoga practice, as a restorative return to the perfection and originality of The Universe, to achieve true health and enlightenment.”


Sara Jansson

Reconnection-Certified Practitioner
International Instructor & Member of The Global Advisory Alliance GAA